Hi... I'm Dre
Coaching To Help Professionals Change Their Life So They Can Get Results.

U. Forecast Hope Is A Free Learning Platform Featuring Live Group Coaching Q&A Calls · Live Book-Club Strategy Seminars · Live "Hot-Seat" Masterminds · Audios · Videos · Articles · Private Community · And Tons Of Free Resources.

Growth· Leadership · Success · Transformation · Confidence

Hi... I'm DRE
Coaching to help Professionals Change their Life So They Can Get Results.
U. Forecast Hope is a free learning platform featuring audios · videos ·  articles · private community · and tons of free resources.

Growth · Leadership · Success · Transformation · Confidence
Growth, Leadership, Success, Transformation, Confidence
Most professionals want to change something about their life, but they are discouraged by the fears and self-doubt their false beliefs create. I created a process, so you can accomplish your goals and be confident in your ability to become the champion of your life.
Do You Struggle With Your Growth, Leadership, Success, or Confidence?
  •  Does fear of judgement and rejection keep you from taking action?
  •  Are you discouraged by failure, challenges, and the word "no"?
  •  Does change and uncertainty create feelings of stress and overwhelm?
  •  Do you need a common belief to unite your organization?
  •  Do you feel unfulfilled or as if it is too late to chase your dreams?
  •  Are you struggling to be consistent and get to the next level?
What Makes Forecast Hope So Different?
The Forecast Hope Roadmap is revolutionary because it teaches you how to change your beliefs, so you can change your actions and change your life. Hundreds have accomplished their goals and successfully transformed their life. Become the champion of your life  today. But, how can you, you ask? Join U. Forecast Hope today.
"Your beliefs will always match your actions, which will inevitably always match your results."
 - Dre Griggs, Champion of Change, The 7-Instrumental Laws of Change
champion of change, self-help book, book on accomplishing goals, keeping resolutions
Here's a summary of what you get from U. Forecast Hope:

  •  In-Depth Courses (coming soon)
  • Supportive Community
  •  Behind the Scenes Access
  •  Exclusive Resources
For organizations: Teach your entire team how to change their beliefs so they can change their results. Talk to a rep for custom pricing.
What's My Investment?
How much are your false beliefs costing you? How many opportunities did you fail you take advantage of? How many goals went unfulfilled? How many self-destructive actions have you taken that are stunting your growth? The fears and self-doubt your false beliefs create may already be costing you a great deal.
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Access to mindset changing audios, videos, articles, a private community, live events, and tons of exclusive resources. In a nut-shell, everything you need to change your life.

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