Change Blindness Podcast | Change Your Life By Conquering Your Fears and Self-Doubt

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Are You Ready For Change

Welcome to the Change Blindness Podcast. Mindset changing advice and insight to help you conquer your fears and self-doubt, so you can accomplish your goals and finally be confident in your ability to become the champion of your life.

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How Fear Impacts Your Life

How can you know if fear is keeping you from achieving your goals and reaching your full potential?

There are many types of fears that we call face on a regular basis. Although you may not link your undesired actions to fear, a fear of uncertainty can cause procrastination. A fear of failure can lead to people pleasing. Even a fear of embarrassment tends to create issues relating to a low self-esteem and confidence.

It will be impossible for you to change your life if you never conquer your fears. If you are looking to improve your well-being, transform your professional life, and boost your financial life, you must face your fears.

The reason we do not face our fears is because of the stress, anxiety, and overall image we have of ourselves. Even though you feel incomplete living not pursuing your purpose, you find it difficult to overcome your fears and self-doubt.

Overtime, this leads to regret and the slow death of individuality (your super power).

Inside of you, you already know what you want, you are just not sure how to get there. You know that you could make more out of your life if only you had the proper mindset and resources.

Building The Proper Mindset

As your mindset coach and mentor of change, I am determined to help you build a growth, execution, and fearless mindset.

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The difficulties most of us face when we are trying to change our life is centered around mindset and beliefs.

Let me explain. A wealthy person has different beliefs about money than a poor person. Someone who eats healthy and enjoys going to the gym has different beliefs about food and exercise than someone who is malnourished or overweight.

Have you ever heard the story about redistributing all the money in the world evenly? 

If you took all the money in the world and divided it evenly among the entire population, in ten years, the same people who had the money in the first place would have it all back (insert lottery winner who went broke in five years).

The reason is simple, there is a mindset transformation that occurs as someone is accumulating wealth that cannot be neglected. Essentially, we all want improvement, but no one wants change. Unfortunately, the fears, doubts, and beliefs that are sabotaging your life today will still be dictating your actions tomorrow if you never address them.

Why It Does Not Work

You may have already experienced it firsthand. Has someone given you their exact step by step blueprint to start a business, lose weight, save a marriage… and it just did not work for you?

Understand it is not your fault. Your entire life is filled with beliefs and perceptions that are driven by fear from your:

The Change Blindness podcast looks to expose you to new mindsets and beliefs that will help you design, mobilize, and solidify the changes you want to make in your life.

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