Is Fear Ruining Your Life?
Most professionals want to change something about their life, but they are discouraged by the fears and self-doubt their false beliefs create. By utilizing his proprietary methodologies, Dre Griggs' "Conquer Your Fears and Self-Doubt" coaching will empower you with the mindset, vision and accountability you need to accomplish your resolutions and create your dream life. If you want to be confident in yourself and your ability to prevail, then this is for you!
Key Benefits Of Conquering Your Fears
Stop Settling
When you are afraid to take risks and pursue your dream life, you settle for less. Fear convinces you that you need to give-up on your dreams in the name of being "realistic". Settling is not being realistic, it is a sign that you do not believe your dreams are possible.
Overcome Procrastination
Whether removing yourself from a toxic relationship, breaking a self-destructive habit, or leaving your life-draining job; you know exactly what you should be doing. It is your fear of failure, uncertainty, judgment, and rejection that is keeping stagnant. 
Improve Your Confidence
When you are afraid to disappoint others, your fear will result in your inability to say "no" (people-pleasing). Likewise, you lack the confidence to say "yes" to your dream to start a business, propose to that special someone, and leave your comfort zone.
End Self-Sabatage
When you fear failure, rejection, and judgment, you stress yourself trying to obtain perfection. Setting unrealistic goals is a form of self-sabotage because you are setting yourself up for failure. It is time for you to stop discouraging your growth and start living your dream life.
Ready to become the Champion of your dream life?
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  •  We will identify the constricting and false beliefs that are sabotaging your life. 
  •  You will uncover hidden mindset techniques to change your beliefs from one of fear and failure to one of accomplishments and confidence.
  •  And you will leave the session renewed, rejuvenated, and inspired to finally start living your dream life.

Let Me Help You Change Your Life
Dre Griggs is the Founder at Forecast Hope and creator of U. Forecast Hope. He loves helping professionals accomplish their goals by aiding their efforts to overcome the fears and self-doubt created by their false beliefs. 

In addition to being a Mindset Coach, NLP and Reiki practitioner, Dre is the author of Champion of Change and host of the Change Blindness podcast. While helping professionals design, mobilize, and solidify the changes they want to make in their life is his primary job function by day, Dre also enjoys spending time with his family and immersing himself in the world of manga and comics.

Now Dre Griggs focuses on helping professionals change their life and accomplish their goals without feeling discouraged by the fears and self-doubt fears and self-doubt their false beliefs create.

Ready to conquer the fears and self-doubt created by your false beliefs? – Get your free 2-hour strategy session! 

You don’t have to settle for the life you’re living, become the champion of your dream life today!
The Results Speak For Themselves
Work Performance
Enhanced Communication Skills
Corrected Their
Work-Life Balance
Improved Relationships
Time Management
What People Are Saying
Debbie Owete
"Accountability is such a compelling influence!"
Greg Veltri
"Felt like I was sitting on a front porch talking to a friend." 
Howard Phillips
"I liked the questions and the way they made my mind think. The questions forced me to think about things differently."
Ready to become the Champion of your dream life?
Schedule Your FREE 2-Hour "Conquer Your Fears and Self-Doubt" Coaching Session Today!
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