Welcome to the 7 Instrumental Laws of Change Roadmap! The purpose of this roadmap is to guide you through the process of improving your well-being, transforming your professional life, and boosting your financial life... one step at a time.

No matter what stage of your change journey you are on, simply follow the steps - (1) mindset, (2) processes, (3) motivation and (4) implementation to change your life with ease.
In the Law of Concept, you will develop your vision, create your plan, build your innovative mindset, and outline your beliefs. The Law of Consciousness will coach you on the power of focusing your mind’s attention. As well as the role perspective and awareness have on you accomplishing your goals and the power of traditions and associations.

The purpose of this stage is to ensure you have a mindset of growth and change. Otherwise, all of your handwork and effort will fall short of your desired outcome.
In the Law of Checks, you will add the processes needed to protect your mind from mental fatigue, which ensures you have the willpower to maintain the changes you have made. You will learn how to refuel your willpower and use a dozen strategies to limit temptations and completely avoid relapses. The Law of Charge focuses on the power of having a Charge Partner to make sure you stay on track. 
The purpose of this stage is for you to create discipline-free approaches to solidifying the changes you want to make in your life. You will also discover what type of accountability works best for you and your particular situation.
The Law of Catalyst helps you figure out what event started you on your change journey. More importantly, once you have mastered the Law of Catalyst, you will be able to jumpstart the change you want in your life. You will also tackle positive event stacking and discover how to build momentum off any situation. The Law of Character is the internal reason you want to change your life. Character is mostly overlooked, but I have found it to continually play an essential role in whether someone is successful in his or her growth goal.
The purpose of this stage is to explore the internal and external motivation behind your change goal. In addition, we will work on how to overcome obstacles and setbacks that you are bound to face along your journey.
The Law of Courage ensures you stop living a life of fear and start living a life of courage and confidence. Whether you are striving to create change in your personal life, or you are in a leadership role trying to create change in the lives of others - execution of your plan is vital.
The purpose of this stage is to ensure the effort you put in on the front-end is executed to perfection on the back-end.
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